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 Position:Academic papers
· Application of pseudo-well restraint technology verified by sedimentary microfacies in reservoir prediction of deep-water Ling Nan low uplift   [14-08-21]
  Li Yuan* and Zhirang Zhang, Landocean Energy Services Co,Ltd
· Wave-Field Simulation in Anisotropic Media with Irregular Free Surface   [14-08-21]
  Oil and gas exploration requires the establishment of accurate seismic wave velocity model so as to achieve accurate imaging and time-depth conversion.
· The Application of Sand Sculpting Technology in Triassic Stratum of Lunnan Oilfield 206 Well Field   [14-08-21]
  The Triassic Formation in block 206 in Lunnan Oilfield is well developed, the mainly sedimentation system is braided river delta deposit, the well developed underwater channel is the main reservoir.
· GPU Accelerated Anisotropic PSTM Imaging Success in   [14-08-21]
  The North West District (NWD) block constitutes the furthermost western onshore portion of the predominantly fold and thrust regime of the Southern Basin, Trinidad.
· Application of quantitative description method of carbonate   [14-08-21]
  Yuqi area is the main part of Tahe oilfield, which has experienced caledonian and hercynian tectonic movement.
· The application of Xu-White model:The borehole S-wave velocity inversion   [13-12-25]
  Deying Zhong, Kun Yuan*, Xinxin Fang, Jun Li, Mark Mo, LandOcean Energy Service Co., Ltd
· A high accuracy seismic modeling and RTM method based on GPU   [13-12-25]
  Mei Wu*, Chen Lin, and Haiquan Wang, LandOcean Energy Services Co., Ltd
· Tidal Channels in Carbonate Platform Taking Azadegan Oilfiled as an Example-ZLD   [13-12-20]
  When studying the Upper Cretaceous carbonate strata of Middle East, geologists observed a kind of geobody that resembles channels, for example, channelized system of Natih formation in Oman.
· The application of the multi-mineral model in a block of southern China   [13-12-20]
  Because of the complex lithology of reservoir for a block located in southern China, conventional logging interpretation capable of identifying two types of lithology is not suitable for complex lithology identification in the target area.
· The Application of Seismic Anisotrophy Technology in Fractured Shale Reservoir   [13-12-20]
  FL region lies in the syncline of bashansi,and its structure is relatively flat. So structure is not its main control factor of forming oil-gas pools.
· The Application of GPU-based TTI RTM in a Complex Area with Shallow Gas and Fault Shadow-GMQ   [13-12-20]
  The RTM algorithm has no dip limitation and handles all complex waves (Zhang and Zhang, 2008), however is computational intensive and was until recently only used to solve specific problems.
· The Application of Comprehensive Methods of Observing and Characterizing the Channel Technique in Zhenzhuchong Formation   [13-12-20]
  There develops a large number of gas-bearing sandstone in Zhenzhuchong Formation which locates in the J Zone of North Sichuan Basin,and they contain mount of natural gas, which is Favorable areas for exploration.
· Model of Deepwater Sequence Stratigraphy in the Miocene Congo Fan   [13-12-20]
  With the improvement of deep-sea drilling technology, in the Gulf of Mexico, West Africa, Bay of Bengal, Australia, and other deep-sea area, a series of breakthroughs in deepwater exploration were obtained (Pettingill, 1998), resulted in deepwater exploration to be one of the hotspots.
· Issues about RTM application on GPU-LinChen   [13-12-20]
  Reverse time migration has played an important role in imaging in areas where steep dips pose a challenge to one-way wave equation migration.
· Experience Study of Accurate Thin Layer Reservoir Prediction - Key Steps to Improve Pre-stack Inversion Result   [13-12-20]
  The Pa?acocha oil field is located in the Oriente Basin of Ecuador (Figure 1), approximately 350Km2 with 26 wells drilled in three platforms.
· EEI Inversion for Detection and Mapping of Sweet Spots in Tight Gas Glutenites An Example from Northeastern China   [13-12-20]
  Nowadays tight gas reservoirs have become one of the energy exploration targets worldwide since it is increasingly difficult to find new reserves of conventional oil and gas.
· A Method of Fracture Detection Based on Pre-stack Amplitude Azimuthal Anisotropy-Qi Yuantong   [13-12-20]
  According to the scientific statistics, almost 70 numbers of tight gas-bearing sandstones reservoirs basins have been found or presumed in the whole world.
· LinChen-Application of GPUs in Seismic Depth Migration   [12-03-06]
  It has been common to use pre-stack depth migration for accurate image result on petroleum exploration industry.
· LiMei-Application of none well constrained seismic inversion technology in oolitic beach reservoir of plateau slope zone   [12-03-06]
  Reservoir prediction is a technology that based on seismic information, using geology, logging and petrophysics as constraints to predict reservoir lithology, shape, property and oil containing. Seismic inversion is a major technology in reservoir prediction of oil and gas exploration.
· GuoMengqiu-Application of Hybrid Global Optimization Residual Statics Method in South America - A Case History   [12-03-06]
  The conventional method for calculating residual statics corrections (Taner et al., 1974; Wiggins et al. ,1976) has two steps: Firstly use crosscorrelation to estimate the total time delay for each trace and then use least squares to find the parameters in the total time delay equation.
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