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Welcome to the website of LandOcean Energy Services Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as LandOcean)!


The development of information technology brings changes to every aspect of our life. With the development of information and internet technology, the development of energy technology becomes faster, which brings people into an information society with innovation as soul and energy services as well as technological innovation as blood.
LandOcean will continually announce new products and achievements in the aspect of technology and management via website, taking it as an important platform for communication between clients, employees, shareholders and LandOcean.
As energy services company, LandOcean strives to provide high-quality technologies and products in terms of petroleum exploration and development. Meanwhile, LandOcean strictly follows the “Three Plus” strategy meaning to accelerate, broaden and thicken the development of LandOcean, takes advantage of three markets including domestic, overseas and capital market, and gradually construct comprehensive and integrated capability of providing technology, products, sales as well as services, in order to become an international and modern petroleum services company. In addition, LandOcean will realize stable, sustainable and healthy development through improving the industry chain among three services blocks.
Until now, LandOcean has initially built up the capacity in R&D of software products, global marketing and providing services by applying our own proprietary software to both domestic and overseas companies. Currently, LandOcean is conducting and improving the ability of R&D and sales of core oil-gas products including equipment and devices, as well as the capacity in providing relevant services globally. In the future, LandOcean will seize new opportunity and take on new tasks to become an internationalized integrated oil and gas services provider with comprehensive capability and leading technology in China and the Asian-Pacific area.
LandOcean will unswervingly adhere to the concept of scientific development with market as leading, technology as guarantee, and management as foundation. Furthermore, LandOcean will strive for accomplishment, inspiration, innovation, development as well as continuous contribution to the petroleum discovery and production cause of the oil-gas companies worldwide, especially of the Third World countries.
LandOceaners will seek for a glorious future through unceasing innovation, hard work, and close cooperation with one another.
We look forward to march towards a joint sustainable development with you through close cooperation.
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