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With approval from PostDoc. management of the National Office and Beijing Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, LandOcean Energy Services Co., Ltd. is sub-station of post-doctoral research station in the Zhongguancun Haidian Science Park. Beginning from 2011, post-doctoral recruitment and post-doctoral research work will be carried out in cooperation with Universities.
LandOcean post-doctoral station recruitment plan in 2011:


Ⅰ、Disciplines and Research Fields
1. Geology
1)mineralogy, petrology, ore deposits,
2)structural geology
2. Geophysics
1)Reservoir geophysics 
2)Solid Geophysics
3. Marine Science
1)Marine Geology
4. Geological Resources and Geological Engineering
1)Mineral prospecting and exploration
2)Earth Exploration and Information Technology
5. Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering
1)Oil and gas field development Engineering
2) Oil and Gas Wells Engineering
6. Information and Communication Engineering
1)Signal and Information Processing
7. Computer Science and Technology
1)Computer Applied Technology
Ⅱ、Recruitment Quota:
In 2011, we plan to recruit three post-doctorals
Ⅲ、Application Requirements
Candidates must hold recently obtained Ph.D. degree in China or abroad with good academic achievements and be in good health; age under 40 years old; have good research skills, communication skills and team spirit; have clear career goals.
Ⅳ、Human Resource Contact
  TEL:010-82825231-8213,    Email:fss@ldocean.com.cn
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