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The signing ceremony of increasing investment was on schedule in the afternoon on March 7th, 2008 between LandOcean and Fortune VC in National Guest Hotel. Shareholders and management team from LandOcean and representatives from Fortune VC attended the ceremony. Before the conference, President of LandOcean Sun Gengewen and Board Director of Fortune VC Liu Zhou respectively gave warm address, looking backward the first time both parties cooperated and looking forward the good future of LandOcean.

Fortune VC, established in 2000, is one of the top-tier institutions of domestic venture capital industry. Since Year 2001 to 2008, for 8 consecutive years, Fortune VC has been awarded as “TOP 50 Venture Capital Firms in China”. It also has been proudly been elected as the Vice Chairman of “Shenzhen Venture Capital Association” and “Shenzhen International Chamber of Commerce”. Along with the ups and downs of Chinese venture capital industry development, Fortune VC has been enjoying a healthy and fast growth. Fortune VC has invested over 30 portfolio companies with great potential, providing value-added service. Meanwhile, Fortune VC specialize in management, value culture, respect talents which are the most fortune regarded by Fortune VC. There is a team of talents who work for and devote to Fortune VC. Accompanied with development of SMSE (Small and Medium Sized Enterprise) Board, Fortune VC as the local VC finally has the opportunity to quit from capital market and embrace the gorgeous spring for venture capital institutions. (For more details, please visit

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