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Pridiction of fractured reservoir based on prestack

The MFI well logging result is in conformity with pridiction.




Comparison between analysis result of seismic anisotropism and well logging




Fracture direction calculated by seismic anisotropism in conformity with stress field analysis result




Density profile of through well fracture. Well drilling result in conformity with prediction.



Karst limestone reservoir thickness prediction, and proved by well np 1-5




Carbonatite fracture reservoir prediction




Volcanic rock hydrocarbon distribution prediction

successful case with integrated application of the techniques of spectral imaging, fracture prediction, attenuation analysis.



Muddy limestone bottom fracture prediction




Volcanic reservoir fluid prediction, accurate prediction of oil and gas layer thickness



Volcanic rock reservoir fluid prediction




 Thickness prediction of hydrocarbon 
Fracture prediction based on stress field analysis with 80% accuracy


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